Introducing Partner to Friends

I woke up on a sunny day and it was a beautiful day. Consumed deep in my thoughts, I took the first sip of my tea and a question hit me hard and that was when he will introduce me to his friends. He is ten years elder to me, always has mature answers to all my kiddish questions, so I asked the same to him. By the way I met him on a millionaire dating website. His answer made me realise how we as women think about it and how a man thinks about it and here are the views of both the sides.

introduce to friends

As a woman, we always see this meeting ceremony with friends as an assured thing that the other person wants to remain with us forever, we think that this is the ultimate goal to meet his family and friends. But as he told me I understood things better. For a guy he can make you meet his friends the second day he meets you and that is not an issue but he waits for so long because he knows that they may judge you, in our case it was valid because we met on a millionaire dating website( though I can’t thank god enough for that). The guy only wants you to be happy and he knows you may get hurt if you do not get accepted by his friends in a positive way. This meeting friend is a formality at times for the other sex. We as individuals must realise the power of love and not a mere introduction which will define your relation. For me meeting him on a millionaire website made me feel he may be a casual relationship, he took longer to introduce me to his friends and more than two years to introduce to his family. But see this finally worked out. So I believe the introduction part is not that important, your bond should be that long and strong that whatever may happen or come your way, you guys stay strong.

Another thing which is needed to be clear is that you must not think anything about people who do online dating, I feel millionaire dating made me meet the man of my life and i am thankful for that, so please do not judge anyone.

Introducing Partner to Friends


Nothing in life is more worth than choosing to ignore what people say, do what you want and the way you want it, there will be times when people will try to crumble you with their thinking and societal norms but the one who cross pasts through all this ultimately wins. We all should just believe in one power and that is the power of love, no other power can change your world. Obviously, it is advisable to stay conscious and make seemingly right decisions but please don’t restrict yourself from falling in love.

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