Casual Dating

According to one of the most popular Millionaire dating site Casual Dating is a physical or emotional relationship which includes mutual exchange also. In the millionaire dating site it is clearly mentioned that casual dating is not only for physical desires but it can be a good emotional connect which may bring two people who met casually as friends may become good partners it totally depends on the mutual understanding and the ability of the partners to understand each other. Casual dating if it is without the expectations and demands it may last long to a good friendship because when two people in a relationship don’t expect anything or don’t have any demand there are less chances of getting hurt.

According to one of the millionaire dating site, casual dating may be a part – time relationship or for a limited time. Casual relationships sometimes include mutual support, affection, and enjoyment. It is basically a “no strings attached” relationship.  It is majorly or commonly found in the young adults the college students. As they fell this very new and attractive everything around them fascinates the young adults, they want to feel the love, care, concern or simply can say they want to feel emotional attachment.


Everything has a good or bad side we can say the Pros and Cons, so now the Pros and Cons of Casual dating are as follows: –

The Casual Dating Pros

  • You get to meet lot of new people – you come across so many people and then you come to know what kind of a person you are looking for. There are chances you hook up with someone but after sometime you both end to a good friendship.
  • You put yourself first – in a casual dating you can take out time for yourself. It is a kind of companionship but in this you can be little selfish. You can do things of your choice what exactly you want in a casual dating as compared to serious relationship.
  • Serious things don’t bother you – adjusting with a cranky and selfish partner who is not happy with his or her stuff will not bother you at all in casual dating. As it is not a serious relationship.

The Casual Dating Cons

  • The person you are hanging around or whom you are in casual dating he or she are not bound to go with you anywhere you want to go. So, in that case you can call up to your friend to go with you.
  • You are not being challenged – in any romantic relationship it can change you to a better person and many other changes emotionally and mentally but when the relationship is casual it is not done.
  • No expectation of loyalty – loyalty is the best part for any relationship and in a casual dating one can’t expect loyalty from the other.
  • In casual dating its not necessary that it may end to a good long term serious relationship.