Open Relationships

Pros and Cons of Open Relationships

Open relationship is a love relationship between two people, according to many Millionaire dating sites it is not considered wrong or bad as it is an individual’s choice. In few millionaire dating sites it is clearly mentioned that in an open relationship it is an emotional bond as well as an attraction also. Open relationships include any type of romantic relationship it can be only dating, or marriage also. In an open relationship none of the partner is bound for any commitment as it is clearly decided in the starting for what reason they two are together and yes there are chances that a simple open relationship may end to a successful marriage or long-term commitment also. In the open relationship two people are engaged together on the mutual understanding.


There are many other ways according to the millionaire dating sites to entering in an open relationship. Few of them are: –

  • Liking some other person but don’t want to end the old relationship.
  • A difference appearing between two people.
  • Unable to fulfilling each other’s needs.
  • One or both partners desire of more freedom, companionship, or a variety of sexual partners.
  • Distance problem also makes people enter an open relationship.
  • Mutual Understanding is missing then also it may make you enter an open relationship.
  • Attraction is also one of the reason.

The Pros of an open relationship are

  • Freedom – in this when one of the partner is not sure of settling down, but due to any reason you don’t want to move out of it.
  • You exactly know where you stand – in an open relationship you know where you stand, you are not bound for anything, it is clearly decided mutually what and why two people are together in an open relationship.
  • Experience – in this case it is very much clear from both the sides that if any of partner hooks up with someone else it will not bother the other one as this is what you wanted from the starting.


The Cons of an open relationship are

  • Nobody wants to talk about your relationship – as it is clear that two people are in an open relationship so nobody is interested in asking or knowing what and how it is working because most of them thinks it is basically for fulfilling each other’s needs. So, no true attachment found.
  • Chances of commitment are less – as in an open relationship it is quite difficult to get the life – long or long – term commitment but yes, as we all know nothing is impossible.
  • Hurt – in some cases, any one of the partner gets serious about the relationship but it hurts when you don’t get the same vibes or feeling from the opposite side.
  • No boundations – there are no boundations in an open relationship, none of the partner can force the other one to stay in this relationship or to behave the way other wants.

Open relationships are bad or good it totally depends on the people who enter into the relation and make it beautiful or worst.