Open Relationships

Pros and Cons of Open Relationships

Open relationship is a love relationship between two people, according to many Millionaire dating sites it is not considered wrong or bad as it is an individual’s choice. In few millionaire dating sites it is clearly mentioned that in an open relationship it is an emotional bond as well as an attraction also. Open relationships include any type of romantic relationship it can be only dating, or marriage also. In an open relationship none of the partner is bound for any commitment as it is clearly decided in the starting for what reason they two are together and yes there are chances that a simple open relationship may end to a successful marriage or long-term commitment also. In the open relationship two people are engaged together on the mutual understanding.


There are many other ways according to the millionaire dating sites to entering in an open relationship. Few of them are: –

  • Liking some other person but don’t want to end the old relationship.
  • A difference appearing between two people.
  • Unable to fulfilling each other’s needs.
  • One or both partners desire of more freedom, companionship, or a variety of sexual partners.
  • Distance problem also makes people enter an open relationship.
  • Mutual Understanding is missing then also it may make you enter an open relationship.
  • Attraction is also one of the reason.

The Pros of an open relationship are

  • Freedom – in this when one of the partner is not sure of settling down, but due to any reason you don’t want to move out of it.
  • You exactly know where you stand – in an open relationship you know where you stand, you are not bound for anything, it is clearly decided mutually what and why two people are together in an open relationship.
  • Experience – in this case it is very much clear from both the sides that if any of partner hooks up with someone else it will not bother the other one as this is what you wanted from the starting.


The Cons of an open relationship are

  • Nobody wants to talk about your relationship – as it is clear that two people are in an open relationship so nobody is interested in asking or knowing what and how it is working because most of them thinks it is basically for fulfilling each other’s needs. So, no true attachment found.
  • Chances of commitment are less – as in an open relationship it is quite difficult to get the life – long or long – term commitment but yes, as we all know nothing is impossible.
  • Hurt – in some cases, any one of the partner gets serious about the relationship but it hurts when you don’t get the same vibes or feeling from the opposite side.
  • No boundations – there are no boundations in an open relationship, none of the partner can force the other one to stay in this relationship or to behave the way other wants.

Open relationships are bad or good it totally depends on the people who enter into the relation and make it beautiful or worst.

Casual Dating

According to one of the most popular Millionaire dating site Casual Dating is a physical or emotional relationship which includes mutual exchange also. In the millionaire dating site it is clearly mentioned that casual dating is not only for physical desires but it can be a good emotional connect which may bring two people who met casually as friends may become good partners it totally depends on the mutual understanding and the ability of the partners to understand each other. Casual dating if it is without the expectations and demands it may last long to a good friendship because when two people in a relationship don’t expect anything or don’t have any demand there are less chances of getting hurt.

According to one of the millionaire dating site, casual dating may be a part – time relationship or for a limited time. Casual relationships sometimes include mutual support, affection, and enjoyment. It is basically a “no strings attached” relationship.  It is majorly or commonly found in the young adults the college students. As they fell this very new and attractive everything around them fascinates the young adults, they want to feel the love, care, concern or simply can say they want to feel emotional attachment.


Everything has a good or bad side we can say the Pros and Cons, so now the Pros and Cons of Casual dating are as follows: –

The Casual Dating Pros

  • You get to meet lot of new people – you come across so many people and then you come to know what kind of a person you are looking for. There are chances you hook up with someone but after sometime you both end to a good friendship.
  • You put yourself first – in a casual dating you can take out time for yourself. It is a kind of companionship but in this you can be little selfish. You can do things of your choice what exactly you want in a casual dating as compared to serious relationship.
  • Serious things don’t bother you – adjusting with a cranky and selfish partner who is not happy with his or her stuff will not bother you at all in casual dating. As it is not a serious relationship.

The Casual Dating Cons

  • The person you are hanging around or whom you are in casual dating he or she are not bound to go with you anywhere you want to go. So, in that case you can call up to your friend to go with you.
  • You are not being challenged – in any romantic relationship it can change you to a better person and many other changes emotionally and mentally but when the relationship is casual it is not done.
  • No expectation of loyalty – loyalty is the best part for any relationship and in a casual dating one can’t expect loyalty from the other.
  • In casual dating its not necessary that it may end to a good long term serious relationship.

5 Ways to Tell it is Love

Are you in love? Daydreaming about someone and imagining your love life together? Actually love has no definition; it’s an emotion that ranges from deepest affection to a lovely pleasure. It can be described with different meanings as Shakespeare said, “Love is blind and lovers cannot see.”  Voltaire said, “Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.” Unfortunately, there is no gadget that can analyze your feelings but there are 5 research based ways you can tell it’s a love. By the way an easy way to get your soulmate now is via Millionaire Dating Websites.
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Emotional Attachment:

Your love becomes an integral part of your life. Your love will be the first person with whom you want to share all your happiness and failures. You believe that this is the only person who always makes your day much better. It’s hard to imagine your life without that special person in it. It’s love when a smile of your lover can change your mood and encourage you to take your life to the next level.

Accept the Imperfections:

There is a huge difference between affection and love as affection deals with perfections only but love is the ability to accept someone’s fault with perfections. No one is perfect but when you love someone, his/her imperfections become unique qualities and things that you admire the most. It’s love that makes you capable to embrace every imperfection of your loved ones for rest of your life.

Aligning Priorities:

Falling in love change your priorities in your life as love is selfless. Your lover needs become as important as yours in your life and you do whatever you can to make that person happy. Your clothing, habits or values get changed so that you better adjust with your beloved. It’s a huge difference in becoming a doormat and doing anything for your love. If you want to change in a positive way for your better future with your love then it’s surely a love.

Feeling out of the World:

When someone is in love, his/her passion is just out of the world. Your special someone is the only one with whom you can do anything that may be has no logic or something that may be childish for others but you love to do with your beloved.

Finding a Best Friend:

When you find your best friend in your lover then it’s a perfect indication that you definitely get your right partner for your rest of the life. Be it via a Millionaire dating website or any online forum. When you feel a powerful sense of empathy towards your best friend then your love is more than a sexual desire or possessiveness. There is a strong string of trust that always binds you with your beloved as your best friend. Friendship in love can be helpful to destroy any physical and social barrier.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world that cannot be seen nor even touched but just felt in your heart. So, if there is anyone who is the reasons for all such indications then, you are in love and he/she is the best person with whom you can share your life.

Tips To Find Perfect Bachelor on Millionaire Dating Sites

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Gone are the days in finding someone directly, who has specific features like height, looks and more credible options. These days people need a partner who is not only handsome but they are affluent too. They are not such easy people to find, but the contravention developments have changed the dating world. The technology in finding a millionaire has been easy way for millionaire dating sites to find them.

Analyse best Dating Sites

Primary criteria are to search for the influential and affluent bachelor on millionaire dating sites. Technical advancements also help you to connect with millionaires on your finger tips all the way; this makes you a factor in connecting with potential partners by these online dating sites. See the brand awareness in the market for that dating site, upload pic and make a profile more interesting to grab the attention of millionaires. There are numerous millionaires dating sites designed for affluent bachelors.

Look Interesting

Millionaire men look for a partner who looks beautiful is an additional asset to them apart from the millionaire back ground. People want their partner to be the best in all aspects, show your partner that you are unique in some aspects than others like your personality, attitude and attire. Weather you might go with your dating partner out or for any coffee shop you should be the best out there, this makes your partner something interesting about you. If you have an attracting personality and attire; be sure that you make your mark in grabbing millionaire attention.

Communicate To Their Extent

Creating an interacting profile doesn’t mean to impress millionaire all the way, need to connect with them and they feel that they deserve right people like you. This happens by effective communication, impress them with your knowledge and skills you designed with yourself. In order to impress millionaire you should have a special quality that they haven’t seen before in any girl, your education , background may not impress them much like you can study individual mind set can grab their attention. Before speaking think twice and allow others to describe them well, understand what they are expecting from you.

People who are desperate to date millionaires on millionaire dating sites can choose best site on and make your ideal choice in choosing perfect partner. Take a chance in creating interesting profile with allowance too.

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